Plone Volto - Create-Volto-App Unable To Install @plone/volto

I tried to create a Volto app within my cloned Github repository following the instructions in the readme file.
I installed yarn and @plone/create-volto-app using npm.
The command create-volto-app myvoltoapp failed with:

Creating myvoltoapp...

Success! Created files for "myvoltoapp" Volto app

Installing npm modules:

Error! Failed to install @plone/volto, try again.

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Thanks for giving Volto a shot! Can you provide us with the full trace and the output of "npm -v" on your terminal?

There is no further output in the shell. Is there an option to get more information from create-volto-app?

npm -v gave 6.14.4

Can you please create an issue on github for this on the create-volto-app repo? You have the latest Node 12 and I never saw a trace with just "undefined". Maybe we can enhance create-volto-app with a "-v" param that outputs more info. Please include what kind of OS you are using and how you installed node.

Done. Created an Issue on the create-volto-app repo.

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Thanks @andreasma for reporting. we'll try to look into what's the issue and will update you asap.