Plone Team Leader meeting 2018-03-16


  • Translation/Internationalization
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Release
  • Security
  • Continuous Integration
  • Installers
  • Admin and Infrastructure
  • Communication/Marketing
  • Frontend
  • Conference


  • Alexander Loechel
  • Steve McMahon
  • T. Kim Nguyen
  • Eric Steele
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Victor Fernandez de Alba


  • Constructive outcomes of Plone 5.1 translation discussion
  • Updated, more complete translations will come out in 5.1.1
  • There is a GSoC project idea to make translations easier to contribute
  • Re-energize translation team (update page, transition to forum category instead of old mailing list, consolidate active list of translators currently at that web page and at
  • Johanna Lenhard and Joerg Zell of Interaktiv asked if the translation team could use one representative from each major language who could help ensure more translation coverage for their language; Vincent was enthusiastic about this idea
  • Vincent’s report:
    • Gil Forcada Codinachs created jenkins jobs for Plone 4.3, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 to check for untranslated messages and get translations stats:
    • For Plone 5.1.x, we fixed an i18n issue for the contrain types menu (8 messages).
    • I updated the master (Plone 5.1.x) branch with the translations of the 4.3.x branch. Some languages were more up to date on the 4.3.x branch and updated translations was never put on master.
    • Post Plone 5.1 release, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese communities are pushing the translations to 100% and so are discovering i18n issues that need to be fixed, so this is good.

Installers: (Steve, Kim)

  • Windows (Kyle Arthurs should get in touch with Steve re unified installer issues on Windows Linux subsystem), Heroku (Kim), simple Plone buildout (Kim), Docker (Sven)
  • The Python issue has disappeared (Trusty version was too old)
  • Ansible kit doing 5.1 by default, working well, evolving

Eric (Release team):

Victor (Frontend team):

  • Plone React sprint this week solved a lot of issues, React 16 update, webpack and other tools updated, Pastanaga strategy, responsive toolbar, blog post to come
  • Timo: plone.restapi 5.2; PLIP in uncertain state currently because in 5.2 has issues because Publisher in Zope 4 (needs help from the Python 3 people)
  • TBD dates of Beethoven sprint (end of April? later?) in Bonn
  • Headless sprint in Barcelona (end of July? 3rd week?)

Timo (CI team):

  • Gil is doing a great job at keeping things running
  • We still have a long wishlist including moving to declarative Jenkins pipelines
  • Gil might be at the Beethoven sprint which will allow us to work on this
  • Timo will be at Plone Tagung where can discuss Python 3 with Gocept folks
  • Eric interested in helping, attending Beethoven sprint

Alexander (Security team):

  • Little news is good news. No news would be better.

Kim (conference):

  • New Linode requested by Manabu for 2018

Kim & Steve (Admin topic):

  • Steve corrected a Cloudflare configuration issue with to increase download speeds greatly
  • needs hardening
  • DNSSEC (seems good), HSTS discussion