Plone still depends on the "future" (python2&3) python egg

Following I've found we still install the pypi package future ( which is a compatibility package when you want to use both python2 and python3.

Latest version is from October 31 2019 and the last python version compatible is 3.7. It seems to be used in Plone:

__future__ is a built-in module in Python, not related to the future package.

It looks like future is only used in diazo

I've created a PR which removes dependency on future in diazo: Replace future with six by petschki · Pull Request #85 · plone/diazo · GitHub ... inspecting the dependencies with plone.versioncheck there are Products.BTreeFolder2 and repoze.xmliter which also depend on future but don't use it in the code anymore. I think it would be fine to remove this dependency there.

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