Plone state is not showing!

Why is the state not showing in plone? whenever i publish a document its automatically publish the file. i cant find no where to change the state from private to pending review to published.. i am using plone 4.3

Are you using the File type? By default, the Image and File types use one_state_workflow, which only allows items to be published.

This can be changed in the ZMI > portal_workflow

Minor note: this is wrong. By default File and Image use no workflow at all, so they reflect workflow state of the container.

It is probably easier to change the workflow for your content types at

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thanks, sorry for the confusion. Got mixed up while typing.

i access the zmi and look at the workflow policy and realize that the workflow for file and was i type default in the blank space. now the state is showing.Thank you all for your input.

There's a reason for File and Image type not having a workflow: if you're interested, there's a discussion going in