Plone slideshow

I'm looking to have a slideshow in Plone 5. I had one on another site, but I can't remember what product.


I've looked here; however, they either done work on Plone 5 or one crashed my site:

Write bug reports or give specific detsils if something is not working as announced on Plone 5. It does not help the addon and the ecosystem when bugs are kept under the hood. Also "crashed my site"...crashed how and crashed by what?


Collective.plonetruegalleri works but not all the galleries.

You can also do it with diazo , which is probably the simplest option, especially if you for example just want it on top of the front page.

What theme are you using (default or your own)

Hi, thanks for the replies.

@zopyx I should have been more specific. I am not looking to troubleshoot. Some of products I looked at clearly said only for Plone 4. I was looking for guidance on the product people are using in Plone 5.

@espenmn thanks, I am trying it out . when I tried to add a gallery Portlet, I got an error. Filed a buy at:

thanks for the pointer to this product

@vangheem had mentioned elsewhere here why he'd stopped maintaining Plonetruegallery: it's easy enough to embed slideshows in your Diazo theme now.

Such a core functionality is supposed to work out of the box without Diazo theming.


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How is it core functionality?

I did make a simple slider add on, but I stopped using it since diazo made this easier.

It is not very 'polished', but works:

collective.easyslideshow 3.0 should be working in Plone 5. Please create an issue if you ran into problems:

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Hi Chrissy,

yes, easyslide show works great in Plone 5.

thanks for the help

@tkimnguyen do you mean using html like this?

i like the option of html And products. the easyslide show Chrissy pointed me to works well, but options are good.

so you I use code such as above to put into theme ?

Yeah that's one way... that's the thing: there are so many ways to do it. You could add the JS so it runs on a folder containing images.

@hietpasd had a nice slider thing somewhere but I can't locate the repo.

Castle has a slider tile.✓&q=slideshow&type=

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