Plone Setup Wizard - What is Path Identifier?

After much failure, I have finally reached the Plone setup wizard screen on my new Digitalocean droplet (I am a total newbie).

Can someone shed some light on what the path identifier is? Is this my domain name or something else?

you can have multiple sites running in the same database/instance. This is the path you want the new site to have, if you leave it as "Plone" your site url will be http://your-server-ip-or-domain-name:8080/Plone.

You can change it to whatever you want eg. "www" http://your-server-ip-or-domain-name:8080/www

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Thank you. I just moved on to the next step.
##It's alive. It's aliiive!
I'm looking forward to fooling around with the cms over the next few days.

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