Plone.restapi: including available actions on a resource?

Hi there,

is there something in plone.restapi that allows me to introspect all available actions possible on a particular
resource? Background of the question is the Siren approach

that both includes resource metadata, navigation information and a self-contained description of possible actions on a resource which is very useful when building applications that are detached from the backend. Any thoughts on this approach?


Not yet. I guess you have CMF actions in mind. The problem with those is, that in general they contain URLs to web forms which makes them pretty useless for REST API clients.

Example: The "local roles" CMF action contains the URL string:${object_url}/@@sharing. But in plone.restapi we would like to have the URL for the /@sharing endpoint. Not sure how we want to deal with that...

The question has multiple dimensions. One is discoverability of actions and the other is self-contained description of actions including their API as part of a JSON reply.