Plone on Chromebook

FYI, Plone installs and runs with no hassle as a linux app on Chrome OS 69 (released yesterday). Not all Chromebooks support linux apps, but for those that do, it just works.



I've been using a chromebook as my main dev machine for two years (with Ubuntu on crouton), but the Linux support on Cr OS 69 is a complete game changer.

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Same here. Slow but works.

Yeah! Except my Chromebook won't be getting Linux Apps. Time to get a new Chromebook :).
Got my eyes on a 2 in 1 like this one

It's plenty fast with 8GB of RAM and 4 cores.

I am using a Dell Chromebook 13 with 4Gb and a Celeron so it is slow. But i am not into heavy programming so works for my case.