Plone login / register form manipulation

Hey there peeps,

I'm wanting to create an alternative E-Mail template for the default Plone user registration. I've had a look at but can't find any template related to the actual registration E-Mail that is sent out...

Also, I'd like to override or redirect the default /login view to my own custom login form / template, I tried re-registering the /login path in my configure.zcml but that didn't work. I also had a look at the portal_actions -> user entries and tried modifying them but that also didn't work.

If someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be great!

I think you should look at the ZMI in /portal_skins/PasswordReset/registered_notify_template to modify the E-Mail

That's the one, thanks buddy!

Note: this doesn't apply to 5.1 The folder "PasswordReset" isn't under skills.

I still have the folder, running Plone 5.0.8...

does anyone know what happened to it in Plone 5.1RC1

lookup Plone/portal_view_customizations

thanks! This gives me a lot of control for the display


Only for Information in Plone 5.1 the Mailtemplate lives in Products/CMFPlone/browser.templates/

Apologies for the late reply, but I stumbled on this old thread and got a bit stumped. The new location is actually Products/CMFPlone/browser.login.templates/ for anyone reading this in the future.