Plone-legacy bundle questions

I had some success installing xmldirector.plone 0.3.6 on a current buildout.coredev checkout.

Q: it looks as if the JS code encapsulated inside a document.ready() handler is not executed at all

I added an alert() to the code and after rebuilding the bundle (and a restart) I did not see the alert popping up.
I controlled that the new bundle was generated and loaded.

Q: is there a way to let Plone rebuild the legacy bundle automatically during development. Right now I need to click the build button every time after making JS changes on the filesystem.


Q1: did you get JavaScript errors, like $ being undefined?

Q2: if you activate the development mode in the resource registry, every resource is loaded from it's uncompiled version. ATTENTION: a whole page load takes quite long (~ minutes) because a lot of resources (less, js) are loaded and compiled on the fly.

jup, there is an JS error. Related: