Plone integrator/UX/developer available for new gigs

Putting this out there:
Best fit projects include:

  • Plone theming and prototyping new experiences
  • Working with the Plone API to automate things
  • Integrating JS and frontend type things
  • Things that involve Linux and shell scripts
  • Troubleshooting Buildout issues

Hello David,
I need help for my new plone site, I want gifs to play in album view, if you can help me please let me know. Thank you David.

Hi Bob,
You need to be a bit more specific, is it that your gifs do not render in an animated manner? You're also at risk of being flagged as a spammer because your message is very sparse and generic.

Hi David,
gifs files (.gif, animated gifs) do not render (play) in album view, I'm new to this forum, is it okay to post my site url or not?
i like plone and i'm creating a gif site in plone and i need your help David.
I don't want to be flagged or banned that's why I did not include url.
Thanks David

Please remember: this forum category is for paid work

Thanks for reaching out Kim,
I need help for my site (small paid project), that's why I reached out to David yesterday, we are currently in talk about the project. I hope I did not break any rules by reaching out to him yesterday and I'm sorry if I did.
Thank you sir and have a good night.
Bob Jalloh

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