Plone Foundation Board minutes for Sept. 3, 2015

The approved minutes of the Board meeting on Sept. 3, 2015 are available at

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Minutes for September 3, 2015

Annual meeting preparations; Conference planning updates; Plone 5 preparations

Paul called us to order at 20:03 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Kim Nguyen, Alexander Loechel, Cris Ewing, Chrissy Wainwright, Steve McMahon, Carol Ganz

Absent: Nobody!

Approval of the minutes of Aug 20, 2015

Alex moved approval, Paul seconded

Approved unanimously

+ check if action items were followed up

Prakhar Joshi is likely to be able to attend the conference -- within the already agreed budget.

Membership renewal process begun

Incoming correspondence

  • url typo on Contrib Agreement

Paul will fix

  • matching trademark notification

No problem; it was us

  • sponsorships

New sponsorship from (Perth)

Continued Business

Annual Meeting prep

  • timeline for election process

No changes

  • reporting preparation

No progress; time remains

  • call for proposals for 2016 conference

Call is out

Brochure CMS Garden

Efforts to get the text for this right have been muddled, but enthusiastic. Completed.

Opportunity for PyCon 2016 keynote speech

No changes since last meeting

Bucharest update & speakers

Sponsorships good; registrations slow; training sign ups high; talk submissions low. Time to solicit talk proposals.

Working on tickets for special speaker on accessibility (to be named if it works out)

We will probably need to cover air fare, hotel room, conference registration.

Perhaps $3,500.

Discussion unanimously positive; detailed budget will be submitted when available.

Cris moved to pre-approve up to $3,500; Alex seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Launch team (and marketing)

Carol and Kim have drafted a short news release.

Tweeting plan underway. update for P5 in the works.

Information cards with multiple messages in the works.

Installers in good shape (except for Windows).

Date is formalized to September 15th.

Docs in good shape; theming doc spring in planning.

Release party in planning.

Brand identity

Still no progress. The floggings will continue until progress is made. progress

new likely not done before P5 ready for update

Review ongoing

Miscellaneous small items

Adjourned at 20:52 UTC