I am making website using Plone5 my website has a footer but there is much extra space left out which I have to scroll out
So how can I remove that Extra footer??

Please if I will get help then it will be great

I don't think the footer is the problem.

Because of your drop-down menu is so long, the 'page' is as long as the drop down menu.

It does not make sense to have drop down menus with hundreds of items, so you might want to change something at:

Remove images, maybe ?

Okay thanks for the help

actually i want to remove that extra space after footer
i want it auto like
there should be footer after all the images
and it should be at end

Usually, the footer comes after the content.

So, if you have a page with just a title and one line, the footer will be just below that.

If you have a page with 'hundreds of lines', you footer will be below that. Which means you will not see the footer before you scroll down.

Probably you want to do one of these things:

a) Set a minimum height of the page with CSS, you probably have to use vh as unit (instead of px, em, % ) and maybe 'calc': (100vh - height of header , footer etc.

b) use position fixed and let it stay at the bottom of the screen always ( ) Note: you might need to set a z-index to it, too

Yeah I got the solution
but another problem is when I am changing my barceloneta compile.css file
changes are not reflecting in the website
Is there problem with Plone?

I tried changing in my browser inpection and it is working fine
but it is not reflecting in website when I changed .css as well as less file too

I am using Plone to make my website
so I created one theme for that
now I have to fix some changes like changing footer position and all
I am changing my css code in footer.less and barceloneta-compile.css
and then clicking on build css under tools but nothing happening
then I am saving it and going to check my website
no changes are reflected

What should I do??