Plone default login form is not loading [RESOLVED]

I have configure plone default site. The default login form is not displaying, instead it throws an errors saying "Error Login failed. Both login name and password are case sensitive, check that caps lock is not enabled." when just clicking login button without entering username, password(infact there are no fields).

How do i resolve this issue. I would like to get login form where username and password fields should display along with login button.

Plone 5 is used.

Please some one help to resolve this issue as early as possible.

Does this have a custom theme enabled? If so, what happens if you switch to the default theme?

Well I can add there is also a way to switch to 'no theme at all': disable Javascript on the browser. It's rather ugly but effective and can possibly allow for some debugging of the login issue. You don't say how you installed your Plone. There are several ways and some could have flaws on some platforms. Also you could give some info on site language (there are issues with LTR languages but the symptoms are different I understand)

@pigeonflight, I was able to login earlier, somehow the login is throwing this error now. I have not changed any theme. It has the same default theme.

First of all am not able to login so I can't not switch to any of the themes available. Installed using one of the cloud images. Site has English language

Not Bitnami by any chance?

Well, I said to disable Javascript. Obviously if you could login before, something changed in the configuration. Also try to start Plone in foreground mode (bin/instance fg or something like that) to see if a backtrace is shown when trying to login.

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yes its binami only..

no luck after disabling Javascript in browser

Maybe you could be more descriptive than 'no luck'. After disabling Javascript and hitting something like Ctrl F5 to refresh (Firefox I don't know about other browsers if this don't work there is always the possibility to close the browser and restart it), then clicking again login there should be a new window (not a popup obviously) with text boxes for login and password. Is there one ? or is it the case that clicking login does not do anything ? And if you started Plone in debug mode (as you should in a case like that) is there some error message on the console ?
Giving details like that help other people to help you. Really.

That is not normal behaviour. I don't have any experience with the Bitnami installer for Plone. I've never heard of a correctly installed default Plone site not displaying the login form. What URL are you using to view the login form? Can we see a screenshot? What happens if you erase that install and start again?

Here is the screenshot attached both home pages and post login page(error where experiencing)

Can you log in as the site admin (not using Google)?

Ahh, it wasn't clear that you are trying to use OpenID.

I wonder if that even works? I remember we removed it from core. Are you trying to use Google authentication?

Which thread should we respond to? Unable to login with Google[Resolved] or here? In future please stick to one thread (if you think the problems are related)

This was a separate issue from other Google Authentication Unable to login with Google[Resolved].

Anyways some how i resolved this thread issue for now. We can close this thread.

Thanks for each and everyone who had suggested/given replies to solve the issue.

Really its a great platform for Plone. Thanks once again to each techie. :smile:

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