Plone custom addon

I am creating a custom content type using file system and external add-on. I have written the schema driven type of addon.

from zope import schema
from import _
from Products.Five import BrowserView
from plone.supermodel import model
from import RichText

class IProgram(model.Schema):
title = schema.TextLine(
title=_(u'Program name'),

	description = schema.Text(
	    title=_(u'Program summary'),

	start = schema.Datetime(
	    title=_(u'Start date'),

	end = schema.Datetime(
 	   title=_(u'End date'),

	details = RichText(
   	  description=_(u'Details about the program.'),

I am getting the title and summary field as default Idublin code

The fields come from a behavior if you don't want them remove the behavior in the XML definition of the contenttype

See and for an example of a type without the IBasic behavior.