Plone.cachepurging domains and cachingProxies

I need to configure cachingProxies and domains

I need to do this in buildout not in Plone as these urls can change when rerunning buildout and i will probably forget to change them in Plone itself.

I found something like:

Is there any way to manipulate registry settings on startup based on information in buildout of txt file on disk?


You can write a python script that reads the config file and writes that to the cachepurging registry, build the script as a buildout:part then execute the script as a following buildout:part.

I actually found this documented:

Instead of having the script read the config file, you might be able to export the config into the script at build-time directly. I.e. you can either parse the changing configuration in python or in buildout.

Thanks, but this will only work when plone is running and buildout is run.
Otherwise i can never write to Plone, i need it at startup.

found something i probably will like