Plone as a reporting platform

I'm looking at a project that will provide users with a dashboard of charts. The charts will vary based on user group/permission. I think Plone fits well for managing groups and permissions and what I remember of the dashboard system, I might be able to tap into it.

Is Plone overkill in this case or is this a nice sweet spot?
Is this a good time to bring Volto into the picture or will I need to "reimplement" things that Plone already has?

Where are the charts coming from/where are they defined and how are you going to render them in Plone?

We'll have views that return json. The json will vary based on the group/permission. Then the json will be "rendered" via a template containing JS.

Unless you have very specific requirements for using Plone, then the answer is likely NO.
There are tons of solutions for doing dashboards, charts etc. then tinkering something together in Plone - unless you have very specific needs for Plone or you are already using Plone in some context here..

That includes consideration of the need to vary the dashboard based on group/permission? To me one strength of Plone is granular permissions. It seems the lack of a strong dashboard/chart solution would be the concern.

..something you can likely implement with a more light-weight Python web framework like Pyramid, Flask .... Plone is completely overkill ...where is my ABUSE key?

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Making some Portlets would make this possible 'very fast'.
I once made some views using JSON and the (free) service.

Then you get:

(click the tabs)


I am not exactly sure where I have all the code, but there might be something you can look at here:

or here:

UPDATE: I think the plotly add on 'never got anywhere', but the gabriel one should have something (slightly) useful.

We are looking into using dash and then serve inside plone using security of plone and jwttokens.

This will give a serverside created react app based on plotly served inside plone.

We have a small project with Dash. Very basic security, no role based control etc..
Do you have anything like a proof of concept yet?

All we did so far is understanding Dash in R (fiery) and Python (flask) and also its implementation for Django:
Will not be until sometime in august we have something like a proof of concept for Plone.
So if you want us extend on things from your own efforts could be great - then we can speed up the shared efforts.

I am not sure if I misunderstand here, but: has an api, so you can call it and get a graph in return.
In my case: I generate the graph for a view once a day, ie for the first user that visits the page. The first user is a cron job at 00:01