form in custom view template with subpath traversal


I have a Plone 4.3 installation with a Dexterity content-type using a custom view. Discussion-allowed is enabled and the discussion form is shown at the bottom (below content) of the page with the custom view when I call the view without subpath information inside the URL.

Now my view uses subpath traversal for addressing an item in an external storage (eXist-db), something like


So the 'context' and the 'view' remain the same as with the default


URL however the discussion form does no longer appear as soon as I use a subpath in the URL.

Any idea why?


The comments viewlet is registered for IViewView, which is only applied
to the view automatically if the URL is the context's absolute_url (i.e.
if it's the default view of the context). You can probably explicitly
declare implements(IViewView) on your view to make the comments always
appear for it.

Thanks, this was it.