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Some time ago I created issue in
But no one has denied or confirmed its existence.
There is a suspicion that this problem is not
Please pay attention to this.

There is no guaranteed response time in open-source projects.


I understand that it is open-source
In your opinion is it that it already knows the problems, but nobody's interested?

No one uses the discussion?

I do not require immediate correction, I want to draw attention or give a recommendation on the placement of information about the problem.

It might mean, that nobody is actively working on at the moment and nobody has the resources right now to work on it. Right now.

Plone is a professional project. Development is paid by companies using Plone directly or indirect. This works great and is part of Plones culture. There is not the one-big-company behind. This is an advantage if it comes to sustainability. Plone wont die because one company dies. But it needs involvement. We're fixing several bugs, but not for fun (only), but moreover because we do projects for customers and are calculating time to fix bugs. Sometimes other integrators are paying us to fix bugs for them, if they don't have resources and/or knowledge to do so.

The bug you pointed to can be fixed and is probably not much effort to do so. Speaking for me I don't have projects using right now and so this is not on my radar. I'd really love to see a Pull Request with a bug fix (from you?). If you don't have the knowledge to do so, you can hire a Plone developer to do it. If you don't have the money to do so, you need to do a better calculation for future projects.

There is no software without bugs. The way to get them fixed varies from project to project: 1.Pay licence fees or 2. hope/ pray someone fixes them or 3. pay someone (different kinds of contracts) or 4. DIY. Last three options are available for Plone.


Should there be a way to ask for 'Can someone fix this?', and then the Ploners could 'bid in' ? (= I can fix this for 100US)

We have a jobs category in here that can be used also for this kind of deals.

I loved your answer; we should add such text to all issue trackers in GitHub just side by side with a button to donate certain amount of money to fix issues.

I do not require anyone to fix anything.

I ask to verify a bug.

It is also need to pay? This requires intellectual effort?

During the time that you spent on writing replies to this thread, you can check out issue 10 times.

@serge73 Apologize if it hit you, but there have been some posts around here and at other places of people expecting free bugs fixing for fun and so I was was in that mood to write a comment on this here. I misinterpreted your written text. To me it sounded kind of harsh, good to know that it was not the case.

Agree, lets close this here and discuss the problem at the issue tracker.