Plone 6.0 branch created

One outcome of the Plone 6 discussions at the conference in Ferrara is that we've decided to go ahead and create the Plone 6 branch.

The new 6.0 branch of buildout.coredev will use master branch of Products.CMFPlone.
The 5.2 branch of buildout.coredev will use the new 5.2.x branch of Products.CMFPlone.

At the moment, the primary feature of Plone 6 is the Dexterity-based site root object.

Please remember to port any relevant CMFPlone changes forward to that package's 6.0 branch.


Is there a roadmap or a least of intended features for Plone 6? A proposed estimation of time to release?

I'm asking this because I'm starting to plan the evolution of the Plone installation at my organization for the next years.

Thank you!

I plan to summarize our discussions at Plone Conf Ferrara and post a more detailed roadmap to Plone 6.

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The Plone 6 sprint topic on this document might give you a first idea where we are and what are the next steps: