Plone 5: Recommended way to achieve a doormat with links and embed codes

A very common scenario I come across in site development is the need for a doormat.
Something like the screenshot below in the footer of the site:

I'd love to hear recommendations from the community on the best way to achieve a doormat with columns that contains links and html embed codes (think facebook badges, twitter feeds etc) for Plone 5.

For the sake of context here's some background:

In the past I've solved this problem by:

  • Using Products.ContentWellsPortlets
  • Using Products.Doormat
  • Managing the footer in a Diazo theme
  • Using a bunch of standard sidebar portlets and Diazo rules

I'm also aware of an approach using tiles, documented here:

I looked at collective.doormat but it doesn't have an elegant way to manage links and embed codes (think facebook badges, twitter feeds etc).

Products.Doormat has been the easiest to explain to site editors, but being built with Archetypes based technologies I'm looking to move away from it for Plone 5 projects.

So moving forward, in terms of something that is friendly for those who maintain a site, collective.doormat would be a good option if it had a way to manage links like the ones in my screenshot above.

I will probably settle for customizations in my Diazo theme for now, until I have time to build something nicer or someone else in the community does so.

Plone 5 has a portlet manager for the footer; so with a static text portlet you can get a long way.

Thanks, I do recall mention of such footer portlet thing for Plone 5 but I totally forgot about it. Sounds like a very good option to explore.

For only a doormat, I'd also go for @polyester answer. But otherwise, I like Products.ContentWellPortlets. I've added a feature to it, where the portlet manager container gets a css class set with the number of rendered portlets - e.g. num-portlets-2. then you can use bootstrap for creating grid styles for this classes with the make-sm-column or similar functions.

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I'm yet to test ContentWellsPortlets on Plone 5, if I'm stuck with the basic footer portlet approach I'll see how that works.

did some quick testing: the basic portlet footer with some CSS and Diazo rules gets some pretty nifty stuff done. Just create multiple footer portlets, and wire them with CSS/Diazo to correctly float and do the responsive dance.

I ended up creating three footer portlets and then using diazo to "inject" their contents into the footer I defined for my theme.