Plone 5 on Windows doesn't run as service

Hello everyone, I have Plone 5 installation running on Windows Server 2008, it is an upgrade from old 3.3.0 version. I run this instance with command bin\instance fg and it runs while cmd is open. on close of the cmd plone site is off. I obviously did something wrong with the installation since I want it to be up all the time, and if server for some reason restarts I want plone to be up on windows start. It worked fine with Plone 4.3.x version, Plone was within Windows services. When I try to start with bin\instance start i get ERROR: Zope is not installed as Windows service so I suppose I did something wrong. Can You just point me to some documentation on how this should be done in windows coause I have trouble on finding anything regarding this. P.S. I installed Plone 5.0.8 version using simple-plone-buildout from github.

Hi Jelena - I don't believe that method for setting up Plone on Windows tries to set up Plone as a Windows service. It's true, the old Plone 4 and 3 installers for Windows did.

When you run bin/instance start does Plone run correctly? ie. can you browse to http://localhost:8080 successfully? If so, you can ignore the warning about not being installed as a Windows service.

I'm rusty with Windows, but to have Plone run when Windows reboots, could you set up a .bat file, e.g. plone.bat, containing something like this:

cd c:\PathToPlone
bin\instance start

and place that plone.bat file in a general startup folder that Windows reads at boot time?

This might work too: (I Googled for "how to add windows service")

Thank You very much Mr. Nguyen, I used Non-Sucking Service Manager as advised in reply in discussion in stackoverflow, and now it seems to be starting in the background and automatically on server startup. I thought of .bat scripts but I thought that maybe there is some better solution provided by Plone that I overlooked. Anyway. when creating service I used "bin\instance fg" is it fine to have the site running that way, since when using start site was not going up?

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I'm glad it worked! (funny/sad name for that tool...) I would recommend using bin/instance console instead of bin/instance fg because fg will run more slowly. @kyleArthurs is aware of your question (running Plone as a Windows service) and will be looking at making it part of the Plone Windows installer he created - see which we are considering moving to the collective or to the organization.

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