Plone 5 Multilingual Language Negotiation Schemes

I have not been able to find anything describing the full impact of each negotiation scheme in the package.

The PAM documentation that I am using is:

If anyone knows of any deep documentation on this topic, please share.

Additionally, I am trying to have the site root automatically navigate to the default language if no language is selected.

For a pseudo-example, navigating to should take the user to if the language could not be determined. Can this only be achieved at the web server, or is there a way for it to be accomplished by the site's Language settings?

Thanks in advance for the insight!

By default when installing a special default view is assigned to the Plone portal object to do the proper language negotiation. This view is defined here:

If you want to override the behavior with a custom one, you need either to override that view.

Thanks so much, Mikel! That was exactly what I needed to know. It seemed that by default the display view is not selected, but I selected it, and it now has the exact desired behavior. It is possible that I changed it early on and did not pay attention to the fact that I changed it. Either way, it now works swimmingly.