Plone 5 - how to mark text with anchors?

Is it possible to mark the text of the Page object with "<a name="section1">My</a> text is there...." so I could link to this part later? I know it can be done in pure HTML, but is it possible with Plone 5 default rich text editor? I know that some sections like headings are automatically marked by Plone. But I would like to mark an arbitrarily part of the text...

Yes. You can enable anchor plugin from Site settings / TinyMCE settings.


Do you know how to customize contextmenu plugin? I'd like to add "Insert Anchor" to it's list. I found that list is defined in Python code, I'd like to customize it somehow at /@@tinymce-controlpanel#autotoc-item-autotoc-1 if it is possible.

OK. I found it. It's in Advanced tab.