Plone 5: Diazo theme breaking on HTML5 tags

I'm working with a Diazo theme that was working in Plone 4.3.6. I've moved it over to Plone 5 and I'm getting errors like:

Tag section invalid [21:33]
Tag header invalid [24:48]
Tag aside invalid [42:43]
Tag footer invalid [54:58]
Tag nav invalid [78:511]

The common factor is that all of these are HTML5 tags. Not sure what I'm missing or why these tags are not considered valid on Plone 5/Diazo.

Can we see your theme? Looks like those numbers are line numbers.

Okay... things "cleared up" after two things:

  1. Upgrading to Plone 5 final
  2. Removing a diazo rule which attempted to integrate the "edit-bar"

Since Plone 5 doesn't seem to "like" themes that still attempt to "pull" in an edit-bar and this isn't needed with the new toolbar approach.