Plone 5 developing and less

Is it possible to stay in development mode and not having the default plone 5 less being compiled every refresh, this is taking a small page refresh to x seconds and my safari isn't liking it after 8 refreshes (crash).

@ramon any ideas on this?

what is your usecase for this?
if you want to be able to debug, sourcemaps might help. i created yesterday a branch where minified resources including source maps for javascript are delivered. likewise we can do with CSS. would that solve your needs?

My usecase is, create a new plone 5 site, make a browser view and reload that page 20 times, i change template stuff or even python code. I want to be able to see my own css and js changes but dont care about the default plone stuff that should just be there and be okay.

for the templating and python stuff, making sure, the "development mode" checkbox is not checked in @@resourceregistry-controlpanel. to see your own changes in custom JS and CSS files ... the preferred way would be to create a pattern seperately from the plone environment. but that would miss your point. @ramon?

@thet "development mode" checkbox is not checked in @@resourceregistry-controlpanel"
ist that turned on automatically when restarting my instance in fg? if so, that is not a solution

It is not automatically turned on when you start with "fg".

I wonder, should we change the way we do development mode here?

Perhaps, you just turn on development for only the bundles you want? That way most of the css/js are still compiled.

It is crazy how long all of our less takes to compile. Maybe there is somewhere we could optimize also.

how can development mode be activated for individual bundles? i cannot see that option.

and... the preferred way to add custom js/less is to create a new pattern and a new bundle (implicitly read from your comment, @vangheem).
you don't have to create a pattern, if you don't want to. you can also create legacy js/less code and shim it for requirejs. export the settings from a Plone 5 installation and get some examples.

I think it'd be possible to activate for individual bundles; however, perhaps the complexity involved in doing it is not worth it.

If it's already possible, that would be awesome! It would just solve this very common use case. It has to be exposed in the UI then.

I would love that @vangheem! Its a cool idea.

We had the same problem on development mode and the main issue is the time it takes to get all the resources from ++plone++ traversal, as its a x file overwriting traversal its a bit slow on getting all the needed resources.

For the less problem the main issue is where you cut the loading, if you are developing and you want to get all the less files its always going to be a big amount of files (all the mockup less/...) On bootstrap I was thinking to just use the css file instead of the different less files, but then it takes too much css loaded that we don't need. Maybe we need to provide a compiled working css files for the mockup widgets that are huge.

You can always use a grunt to compile your needed css and get the sourcemap on the browser when you are using plone in production mode.