Plone 5 - Can't select a folder for uploading image

I'm trying to upload pictures, but when trying to select the destination folder, Plone 5 always upload the root (/), I'm just getting to upload the folder where I am at the time of upload.

To be able to upload the folder I want to have to go to her and to upload the image, but when trying to add this at some content not with you, until I reach the folder where the image was loaded, but when trying to select the image nothing happens.

Someone let me know if it's a bug in version 5.0.4 or if I'm doing something wrong?

In my installation it's all ok. But i have updated to the newest Version a few weeks ago.
Have any JS Errors?

Choose the correct language. In my Case i had too ad "Bild" in TinyMCE:

Maybe a bug in 5.0.x, cannot reproduce in 5.1.x (coredev), even in a german site

In my case it did not work.

After updating the worked normally!

Thank you.