Plone 5 bug tracking

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high-level question: what is the right place to file Plone 5 bugs?

With the given number of 250 repos it is not always clear where to file a bug.

For example this one:

Collecting feedback and bug reports from non-devs without Github account and without any knowledge about repos etc. will have a very hard time gettting their issues filed.



Normally, I prefer issues to be filed at the repositories they belong to. E.g. related issues on . If in doubt, I'd say is the right place. But I think we didn't agree an o official policy about that, except that we want to shut down trac. I totally agree, that this is currently quite confusing and a problem for people without a github account.

  • Not obvious where to file issues: this can easily be solved by advertising the CMFPlone issue tracker on and on the site by adding a organisation description with the link to the tracker.

  • Allowing anonymous submissions of issues: this was once discussed in another thread. There was an idea of creating a form for anonymous users which submits to CMFPlone/issues via a plone-org github account.

There is not much reaction here.
I am also confused about where to report bugs. Was there never a consensus on a ML or something that can be linked?
My last info was not to use github issues but apparently that has been changed a while ago.

New bugs should go to the Products.CMFPlone tracker. Known bugs in can be revived if there's recent activity, where 'recent' in fuzzy :wink:

For more info see

"If you think your bug involves a core component of Plone, check to see if that product/package has its own repository at If it does, use the associated issue tracker to submit your report. If it does not:

Check the legacy issue tracker for recent activity and, if it appears to still be in active use for that product, submit your report there.
In the likely event that there is no recent activity on the legacy tracker, submit your issue via the catch-all CMFPlone tracker on GitHub."

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Unluckily the page reports something different.

Anybody can fix the link for bug report there?

It looks like it's been fixed in the meantime.

I think allowing anonymous users to submit issues for CMF by creating a platform for them and having github login is a good idea.