Plone 5: broken image scaling


I'm working on a plone 5 site in which a lot of image scaling are broken. The image itself is good (and can be accessed by its url without issue : @@images/image), but its scaling are broken and return a 404 (@@images/image/thumb). @ebrehault told me he got the same issue on another plone 5 site he's working on.

Does anybody else already had the same issue or have any idea what could cause this?


Apparently, the object representing "@@images/image" lacks a "thumb" attribute. I would start the investigation by determining which object this is (in an interactive debug session (-> "bin/instance debug"), using "app.unrestrictedTraverse" in order to traverse to the object).

@@images is the ImageScaling view (from plone.namedfile). The thumb part is the scaling name.

The thing is, these images were present but disappeared at some point. Trying to delete the image and add a new one does not resolve the issue, the new image does not have any scaling whatsoever.

This bug is actually corrected in plone.scale master. Relevant commit :

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