Plone 5.2a1, coming soon!

Hi all,

Now that all of our tests are green in both Python 2.7 and Python 3, we're going to be making our first alpha release of Plone 5.2. We're hoping to get 5.2a1 out this week during the conference. Keep an eye on this space for updates.

@vincentfretin: Could I have a new release?


thank you, very much, Eric! I'm sure Plone 5.2 will be one of the most crucial releases in many time.

it's really important that everybody work on making third party add-ons available; the future of Plone depends in part on a healthy add-on environment.

we need to push support for Plone 5 and Python 3 now.

do we have any pointers on how to update our code?

The docs still need to be written (e.g. at the sprint) but here are two most important items:

  1. Runnung Plone on Python 3 with a addon that is to be migrated:
  2. Porting Plone packages to Python 3:

The second was written with the core-packages in mind but also applies to addons.


is running on Python 3.6, Zope 4, Plone 5.2b1

Code of the Docker image:

hi @zopyx i tried your site and when i pressed login I got the error: An error occurred while loading the modal. (in German of course)

Likely because I was trying to trash and kill the site with nonsense configuration which was obviously successfull...
re-try after the next 6 hour restart.

(syndacation control panel) returns insufficient privileges

Someone (for example me) might get bitten by an issue with Pillow 5.3.0 and MacOS Moave ... zlib headers aren't installed correctly after upgrading XCode. The headers can be reinstalled like explained here:

This is identical in Plone 5.1 and likely a general bug.

@vincentfretin can we please have a release of 5.1.11 released, compatible with both Plone 5.1.x and 5.2.x



I've removed the pending tag.