Plone 5.2 - ZODBupdate - All files broken after Migration to Python 3

the title gives it basically away already.

I recently tried to migrate the database of my website (Plone 5.2.2) from Python 2.7 to Python 3.6, according to the official documentation:

Zodbupdate concludes the conversion of the Data.fs successfully and the website is working together with all text-content on the pages.

HOWEVER all uploaded Pictures, Documents, etc. are broken and cannot be opened anymore?

I spent a significant amount of time on the internet looking for a similar case, without much success.

Can anyone give me a clue?

What does the log say? Did you copy the contents of the blobstorage folder? There is a hidden file called .layout that must be included in the copy. Another thing to check would be the file permissions of the blobstorage directory and its contents. Make sure that the user running Plone can read and write on that directory.

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It does indeed sound like you did not get the blobs copied or they are not readable by your ZEO clients

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