Plone 5.2 Release Team Meeting, May 19, 2019

Philip, Paul, Eric, Kim

  • Philip fixed some bugs caused by PEP8 changes
  • Waiting for Zope 4.0.1, May 24?
  • Have June 3 for Plone 5.2 official release target date
  • [ ] Unified installer works on Python 2.7 but has some bugs on Python 3 and does not work on Windows; Eric will contact Steve McMahon (Eric)
  • [ ] Reach out to Maurits for human friendly release notes (Kim)
  • [ ] New press release. Python 3 compatible release. Plone REST API now in core. Some feature refinements. Zope 4. The future-proofing release. Interview Philip and others for quotes. (Kim)

To clarify: Zope 4.0 introduced a couple of new bugs (compared to Zope 4.0b10) that are now fixed. Because of this we postponed the release of Plone 5.2 final until Zope 4.0.1 is out. Additionally we hope that will be fixed in 4.0.1. If all that happens this week we will follow the schedule outlined above.

Until then you can use Plone 5.2rc3.

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