Plone 5.2 Release Team Meeting, April 28, 2019

See Github project:

Philip, Eric, Kim

  • need to get RC2 out of pending and RC3 into pending
  • any blockers?
  • any marketing issues?
  • wait 2 weeks for final release
  • Zope release will probably be May 10 (sprint is May 8-10)
    [ ] We will do a pending release on May 10 or 11, test drive it for a week, then the final on Friday, May 17 (Eric)
    [ ] Check with Steve McMahon re unified installer (Eric)
    [ ] Check that docs can be released that weekend (Paul)
    [ ] We will need news item published on Monday, May 20, shared to Twitter, Facebook, forum, Gitter (Kim)
    [ ] Update with final release on May 20 (Philip)
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