Plone 5.2 alternative for CMFBibliographyAT

We are running a Plone 5.2 site and the customer wants a bibliography tool to use with Plone. I have found CMFBibliographyAT which looks great but is a bit outdated (no dexterity support).

So i was asking myself if any of you had a similar request and found a easy to use solution for Plone 5.2 (perhaps an external service that can be integrated into plone) ?

CMFBibliographyAT is actually dead due due its old age, its dependency on Archetypes and its crude implemenation. I don't think that there is any replacement and there has been a long discussion about how to step forward (in particular with guys from Jazkarta. I think they moved to Zotero (in the cloud) and accessing the information needed from Zotero through their REST API which appears like a reasonable solution.

The overall requirements regarding bibliographies in Plone were always hairy regarding formats, formatting and in particular local requirements inside institutes, chairs etc.

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Ok I already thought that there is currently no alternative. Anyways thanks for the hint with Zotero, I will take a look at it.

There seems to be an integration of Zotero with Plone: