Plone 5.2.2 template synax no longer working

I have discovered a lot of problems in my mosaic / theme fragments templates.
I am not sure if they also were present in 5.2.1, but I am sure they are not there in 5.1.x

1. A lot of places I now need to encode, something like this:

def folder_url(self):
    url =['folder_url'].encode('ascii','ignore')
    return url

This typically happens when (text) contains the character '-' (so 'images-folder' would break, but 'images_folder' would not break)

2. I can not use 'variables in style in templates, they need to be changed to 'pyton'

So (inside

    #fragment-${view/id}  { color:blue; }

Does not work anymore, but you can change it to

    #fragment-${python:}  { color:blue; }

UPDATE: as a curiosity I can tell that the same syntax inside a <script>-tag does NOT break / give error :slight_smile: