Plone 5.2.1 with python 3.7.5 on Windows 10

Hello community,
I would like to test plone 5.2.1 on Windows with python37
So I download the latest version of Plone 5.2.1
or “Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r2”
For this I installed Visual Studio 2019 community with support for python 3.7.5.
When I run the installation script, I get the following message:

«     Microsoft Windows [version 10.0.18363.592]
(c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. Tous droits réservés.
C:\WINDOWS\system32>cd \
C:\>cd Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r2
C:\Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r2>windows_install.bat standalone --password=XXXXXXXX--target=E:\Plone52  --instance=E:\Plone52\zinstance
C:\Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r2>python helper_scripts\ standalone --password=XXXXXXXX--target=E:\Plone52  --instance=E:\Plone52\zinstance
  File "helper_scripts\", line 97
    print _("Creating target directory " + Windows [version 10.0.18363.592]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
C:\Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r2> »

Python37 is well saved in the environment variable.
It’s as if Plone 5.2.1 is still not compatible with python 37 on Windows.
My question: is installing plone 5.2.1 compatible with python 37 on Windows?
If not, are there plans to make plone 5.2.1 compatible with python 3 on Windows?
Anyone have an idea on the subject?
Thank you in advance for your insight.

This is indeed a bug in the windows installer: from Python 2 to Python 3 the print statement was turned into a function. You can try to edit the line and turn the current:

print _("Creating target directory " + Windows [version 10.0.18363.592]


print( _("Creating target directory " + Windows [version 10.0.18363.592] )

Follow up: The code here shows that the installers windows helper scripts are not Python 3 ready.

I filed a bug report:


Thank you very much for your answer. I will try to edit the file as you suggest.

Thanks for reporting that bug @Adomy!

There is a way to get a development environment on Windows 10 using this way:

(still not published on

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What’s the hold up on publishing it?

Sorry Kim, I didn't quite understand the meaning of your question: what is it about publishing?

Thanks for the documentation on Plonecli that I looked at closely.
Rightly or wrongly, I think Plonecli is of particular interest to developers that I am not.
Furthermore, at a time when I wanted to discover WSL, I had installed it based more on OpenSuSe than Ubuntu which I do not know at all.
It is true that when I wanted to discover Linux, it was via OpenSuSe. This probably explains that .

This is fixed in Merging of that branch is waiting depending on the fix of another blocker that prevents complete testing:

That problem is going to stop you with plonecli or a vanilla buildout.

I think this question targets the documentation team.

I need to find a free minute to do a new release. That can happen this weekend.

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Thank you so much!
We invoke the gods of the agenda, so that you have some time this weekend.
We are impatient to be able to install plone 5.2.1 with python 37 on Windows.

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@bhabeshbiswas please try the Plone Docker on Windows, as mentioned above in Plone 5.2.1 with python 3.7.5 on Windows 10

Hello ,

“Impressions, and incomplete feedback on Plone under Docker”

I tried to discover Plone Docker image as it was suggested by Kim.
But my first impressions, my feedback is rather mixed.

Indeed, having never used Dockers on Windows or any other operating system, this is completely new to me.
So before going into it, I tried to gather as much useful information as possible about the ins and outs of its deployment.
In any case for me, the disadvantages are numerous

  • the prerequisites
  • this is completely new, which requires time that I had already invested in plone as I know it and currently use it as administrator,
  • the incompatibility constraints between Docker and other programs on the same PC (in any case under Windows)
    -I have discovered rather negative opinions from members of the Plone community as to the time that Plone under Docker would require

Also, given my current constraints, and despite my taste for novelty, it would be rather harmful to embark on this new adventure.
I can't afford it now.
I point out that what I am expressing here concerns only me, and my time constraints at the moment.
Perhaps in another context and at another time, things can evolve.
Besides, I would have liked @bhabeshbiswas, another Windows user, who had come forward to give us his feedback, but I have the impression that he has unfortunately disappeared from the site since ...
As always, I hope I have a fairly comprehensive and useful feedback for other members of the Plone community.
Thank you all.

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