Plone 5.1 vs 5.2 speed if both run python 2.7

Is the new zope have performance advantage then the old one? I want the fact...
I have try 5.2 and there are many errors during I am using many old products i.e. plonetruegallery... is that worth to fix all and use 5.2 with python 2.7? All I want is to gain is some speed.

I hope someone here can kindly to point me the right way.

Official answer: the question is obsolete since Python 2.7 is outdated and longer maintained.
Inofficial answer: no major difference for real world applications. You may see better performance where Python 3 was optimized over more than a decade when it comes to data structures etc. but in general performance of Python 3 vs 2 is not an argument .

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My 2c: I do Plone REST API performance tests regularly and I did not notice any significant improvement for Plone 5.2 or Python 3. Though, almost all REST API calls have response times between 200 and 400ms, so anything that is not groundbreaking would be hard to notice.

Apart from that I agree with what Andreas wrote.

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How about Zope 4? is that faster in doing search?

Don't expect any significant improvements nowhere.

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I think, most performance improvements in Dexterity were backported already (but better check yourself), so 5.2 is probably not that much better.

I expect significant performance improvements with new zope.interface 5 (which are difficult to backport to 5.1) in upcoming Plone 5.2.2 with Zope 4.4.

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