Plone 5.1 file icons referenced with absolute path

I noticed broken file icons in the list / table view of my Plone 5.1 installation. I found that the icons are referenced with an absolute path there, which breaks my Apache Rewrite Rule. screenshot:

When I open the file, the icon is shown, as it is referenced relative there. Screenshot:

My Rewrite Rule is the following:

RewriteRule ^/News($|/.*) http://localhost:9090/VirtualHostBase/https/%{SERVER_NAME}/Plone/VirtualHostRoot/_vh_News$1 [L,P]

Is the absolute path intended or is this a bug in Plone?

I changed this by hand in the ZMI in the mimetypes registry tool, i extend the icon path with:


That string is already included. I checked for all common file types.


I took a few hours to get my head around the code. In my understanding the MimeTypeIcon function from doesn't work provide the absolute path for virtual environments.

I opened a issue in GitHub but nobody cares. Am I really the only one experiencing this? How can I get this fixed? I am not a python developer...

I for one can't help you with your Apache rewrite rule - I use Ansible Plone that is only relying on Nginx. Whatever the reason, I have never seen your problem either with 5.1 or 5.1.2. When accessing directly (through 8080 port) the URL includes a 'Plone' (as it should be) and accessing through 80 or 443 port - through Nginx - there is no 'Plone' in the Url.

As you did not provide a screenshot of your broken display I am providing one in case I did not understand what you mean by 'broken icon' in tabular view, here is what I get:


Screenshot of the List View looks like this:

Screenshot of the File View itself, no issue here:

The rule rewrites "" to "". This has worked with Plone 4.3 for years.