Plone 5.0 missing TinyMCE Advanced Tab

I went to change HTML filter for TinyMCE and the instructions point to Site Setup -> TinyMCE -> Advanced tab. Which is not there at all. I did a quick install of 5.0.6 and seen it was in place, however upgrading didn't go as planned so would like to stay with 5.0 if at all possible. Does anyone know how I can enable this tab or set the proper setting for TinyMCE to stop dropping tags without it?

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Where does it say that in the instructions?

What do you want to stop dropping?

I'm on the same boat. I want to enable the tag but the advaced tab is not there.
It's written here:

Step 3: Add script tag to the list of extended_valid_elements of TinyMCE. Go to the Control Panel, TinyMCE settings, Advanced tab

You don't say which version of Plone you're using, but my 5.0.8 has this:

Thanks, I had 5.0 RC