Plone 5.0.7 Problems with Editing page content

Hi! I am currently experiencing an issue with plone where some pages do not show full the full content on edit mode. To be more precise, when editing a page, the full page content does not appear (it is cut short), and if I were to just press okay on that state, the content that does not appear on edit mode disappears (if canceled, the content of the page remains the same). My guess here is that there is a limit to how much content can appear on edit mode since the contents that were cut short had nothing to do with the time in which those were updated.

For some background as to why this issue arised, I recently changed from an old computer to a new one. I followed the instructions on "Copying a site" to transfer the content.
At first I tried to upgrade from plone 5.0.7 (original version on old computer) to plone5.2.x, but I experienced too many problems which I was not able to solve.
So I just decided to install plone 5.0.7 on the new computer and then transfer all the content: "./var/blobstorage", and "./var/filestorage/Data.fs". (I did not transfer ./src and buildout.cfg as instructed because they were the same as when installed).
Also, while installing this version of plone, I had some issues related to "major, minor = parsed.." etc., which was related to the setuptools package. I fixed this by following a post that was here (I think) by changing that specific code file.
Thus, when installing Plone 5.0.7 from the unified installer, I had to install once to experience the error, go to buildout-cache and edit the troubling file, delete zinstance(during test), and run ./ again.

Also, this editing issue does not appear on the old computer.
I don't seem to find any error log (probably, because I do not know where to look) on this issue.

Any help on this problem is much appreciated.
Thank you!

You can start using the show source menu entry in TinyMCE editor. If they are ok, then check the source of the pages (saving it or using curl) and diff it with the same pages on the old installation. Are they mostly the same (hostname and some uids can be different) or it really deliver partial content?

Also inspect the network tab to see if everything is delivered correctly.

I've checked the source code and it is cut short as well.
There cannot be an internet problem because I am experiencing the same issue on an offline test standalone server (followed the same steps to install plone5.0.7 and then transfer "./blobstorage" and "Data.fs")

In the offline test server, do you have the same addons installed, with the same version? If so, try to exclude some of them. If not, use the same exact version and see if it happens again.
You can also test copying all the Plone directory in the old server in the new one, in the same path, and starting it. If the problem goes away, then the culprit is some different egg. If not, the problem is in the new system.

Also check to use the same python version you're using in the old system.

All the text are cut at the same lenght? With a python script, get the raw value (getText and also check getRawText) on the old server and take a look to the content around the characters where the text is cut on the new server. Maybe there's a common pattern (lenght, a particular character).

Also, take a look at the Zope logs (error_log usually) to see if there's something interesting about the issue.

Another issue could be some limit on post on the webserver. Try to edit on the Zope port (yourserverip:8080 usually) and see if it happen again to exclude the web server.

The first step is to describe properly the problem (where it happen, when, gui related or happen also using a script?).