Plone 4.3.x, Ubuntu and undefined symbol: lzma_auto_decoder

Just for reference:
I was getting the following error:

lxml-2.3.6-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg/lxml/ undefined symbol: lzma_auto_decoder

It seems that it was due to the presence of liblzma-dev

I didn't install it on purpose, I really just wanted to see Pillow include tiff support and it turns out on Ubuntu 14.04 liblzma-dev is pulled in when you install libtiff-dev.

Uninstalling liblzma-dev forced me to uninstall libtiff-dev

This note just helped my "future self" so I'm adding further, more specific details, about the actions I had to take:

  1. apt-get remove liblzma-dev
  2. remove lxml and Pillow eggs from buildout-cache
  3. rerun buildout (it will recompile lxml and Pillow without the liblzma stuff)