Plone 4.3 website, child pages of retracted page are still accessible anonymously?

Hi all

On one of our Plone 4.3 installations it appears as if retracted (private) content is not accessible but anonymous users, but any child pages of these pages are still accessible.

I do not recall selecting any specific features in Plone 5 to disable this, so unsure if this is perhaps just a bug that has been fixed? If anyone has any idea that would be appreciated.


Did you retract the child pages as well?

Likely, your child items are managed by their own workflows. If you want them to inherit the workflow of their container, thereby becoming private if their parent container is made private, then do not assign them a workflow of their own. Leave the the workflow assignment of the child item types blank in PloneSite/portal_workflow

That's curious... are those built in Plone content types? Pages (Document type) are not containers, though with Dexterity you can enable folderish-ness I think.

Usually with the state drop down menu you can choose Advanced and then check the box "apply to contained items" (or something like that) to make the specified state transition apply to contained items.

This is by design. Plone doesn't prevent accessing objects contained within private folders... counterintuitively. Also already mentioned, an objects own workflow trumps that of its container.