Plone 4.3.10 released

Plone 4.3.10 is now available for download at


It's OK that it try to download Products.CMFPlone = 4.3.10rc1 instead of 4.3.10?

Another question: what about plone4.csrffixes? Is this patch already needed?

All of the pin required by it seems already present on Plone 4.3.10 but this is not true for plone.protect.

sorry, saw this too late and posted the same issue:

about the hotfix - alex and maurits already updated

4.3.10 still needs plone.protect 3.x for csrf protection - see

So, just for recap: Plone 4.3.10 still need the explicit pinning to plone.protect 3.x but we can omit plone4.csrf?


sorry @keul - i just noticed that for certain functionality (i.e drag and drop re-ordering in folder_contents) you'll want to add plone4.csrffixes to your instance eggs section.
otherwhise re-ordering is simply not working. another point was cut and paste (you'll get a csrf warning w/o csrffixes being explicitly added)

because of problems like these some people chose to simple block zmi access and stay with plone.protect 2.X
(see Release process improvement)

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Didn't see this message when it was posted. I corrected the CMFPlone pin last week, so that's taken care of.