Plone 3.6 restore deleted admin user

Hello community,

I am the new administrator of a site using Plone 3.6.
I just deleted myself, the admin user without intention, then the system logged me out. I'm new to Plone and now so ashamed for my first stupid steps in the user management. Is there any way to restore the admin user? This was the only admin user on the users' list. Is there something like superuser and maybe I have to contact the web hoster?

There is something like this tutorial:, but I do not have a working ssh account. I still can access the serve over ftp

So frustrating at the moment :disappointed_relieved: but still happy to get any help :slightly_smiling_face

Thank you

The only way I know it's to ssh in and use adduser to create a new admin
user from the command line.

Hello Mike and thank you for your time and hint. In this case I'll have to contact the web hoster. And I can prepare a little bit the work for. Do you know where I can find the docs for adduser from the command line (Plone 3.6)?

And thank you again
Marius should work.

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Thank you, Roel for the link and for your attention.

So, I hope the web hoster still has ssh access to the site. And the steps to add a new user with zope access are:

  1. SSH Access of the Zope instance


  1. Add zope admin with zopectl adduser (older Plone Versions)

    zopectl stop
    zopectl adduser user password
    zopectl start

I have a question to the docs, do I run the command from the root level? And what about the case of Zope cluster and buildout.cfg, the command is for all instances zopectl?


And there is another way to do this, or not? The tutorial applies to Plone 3 too.

  1. traditional Zope instance

    cd Zope-version/bin
    ./ -u user -p password access
    mv access ../../data1
    cd ../../data1/bin
    ./zopectl restart

  2. buildout-based Zope instance (includes buildout.cfg file in the instance root)

    cd data1/parts/zope2/utilities/
    ./ -u user -p password access
    mv access ../../instance/
    cd ../../../bin
    ./instance restart


Thank you again for the support

Hi Marius,

The zopectl adduser will work for all instances in your cluster. The script will create the user in the database, which is accessible for all users.
You don't need to run this from the root of the instance, bin/instance, instance and /home/marius/zope_installs/bin/instance all work alike.
Keep in mind that you might have to use zopectl instead of instance as noted here: