PLIPs not related to packages

Where do you put improvement proposals not related to packages (e.g. documentation, training, marketing ideas)?

My understanding is that PLIPS are for packages only

I would say that a PLIP mainly is for risk/maintenance management.
Updating or adding documentation or trainings seems like a (near)-zero-risk to me, so I would either add an issue to the respective github repo(s), or even better: just do it(tm) :wink:

People actually working on documentation and trainings are more qualified to enlighten the masses than I am though :smiley:


I would say, for Ideas here is a good place to start a conversation, just create a new topic for every Idea.
For concrete things, issues or better PR's are the right way.
The docs and training do not need a contributor agreement, which makes it easier to contribute for everyone.

That's what I ended up doing.
see here -> Can conference talks be annotated to support Youtube chapters?
I recommend an "ideas" category, maybe early forms of PLIPs could even start as ideas.

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