PLIP: drop Python 2.6 support for Plone 4.3.x series

I just submitted this new PLIP:

The release team would be really interested in hearing the wider Plone community to see how much user base still has this option (Plone 4.3 on Python 2.6).

And if it would be ok to soft drop it, i.e. stop checking in our Continuous Integration environment.

Comments welcome!

Obsolete question since Python 2.6 is obsolete and has reached end-of-support in 2013 - five years ago.
There is no reason to stick for the community to deal with this legacy. Upgrading an existing instance from 2.6 to 2.7 should not cause a problem - unless you have an ancient operating system. So drop the support for 2.6..not worth any further discussion.

From the integrators point of view it is an additional pain when you have to deal with legacy component. At least there is chance with the exponentially growing number of legacy Plone systems that a legacy installation needs to be updated at least to a maintained Python 2.7 version.


Thanks for the PLIP!

+1 on what Andreas said.

This is definitely an easy one to approve for multiple reasons. We just wanted to follow the correct process and leave a paper trail for a major policy change.

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