Please Review my Blog

Finally settled in on the design. I may not touch this for some time to come.

Request review of my blog

I have used core Plone 5.0.3 resources and 1rc2. My personal view is that one does not need a Blog addon.

Theming is still too difficult.

I have been with plone since 2013. Would like to stick to core plone resources, use tools developed by developers and avoid any (emphasis ANY) coding tweeks. My final conclusion is that on the face of rapid changes in the emerging internet technologies and landscape, it is difficult for amatures and enthusiasts to actually do anything. Mind you I had built my own blog in 2006-2011 on wordpress. However, with the pace of things, by the time you learn, it is likely to change.

Please recall that Plone was identifying 50 most used / popular addons. You need to consider such a list as part of plone core. Else plone will remain a passtime for developers.

Last suggestion, please make Plomino and Rapido part of core offering. Eric and Dylan you need to engage the community on this.

Please move on with such requests. The Plone 5 core is already large and complex enough in order to keep it maintained properly by obviously less people. In particular when such functionality has grown only in the head of a single person.


@sudhan77, I agree with @zopyx, we cannot add all the useful add-ons into the core, it would be to difficult to maintain.
Moreover, core is named "core" for a reason, core does not mean "default Plone setup". And I think that's what you are talking about: you would like a ready-to-use default Plone setup providing a list of good and useful add-ons. Some CMS name it "distribution".
I agree it would be nice. We could imagine several distributions (intranet distribution, blog distribution, etc.).
It is actually very easy to do: you just need to publish a buildout containing the expected add-ons, and that's it.



I have not drafted it well to be understood correctly. Eric I am not talking of a buildout.

My main suggestion is as follows:

Plone basic can be used by developers to build on that. But plone needs several addons, especially for non-developers to be able to do anything useful. Your approach should be that, unless your top 50 addon is ready, there is no point releasing the core.
I have seen so much community work to get the addons from 4 to 5. I am only suggesting that as a part of process, the key addons should move along with the basic product. (lets avoid using core)

There is nothing like a "key" add-on in the Plone world. There are important and unimportant add-ons, there are frequently used and infrequently used add-ons. A key add-on for you does not mean that it is a key add-on for other or the community at all.

There is no entitlement in the open-source for getting anything done at all. All work on packages happens either voluntarily or based on business and projects.

A package maintainer is free to update a package when it has time and interest. The other options are either to put your hands on a package (fork & pull requests are your friend, it's all open-source) or you pay someone doing the work for you if you can not accomplish it yourself.

That's how open-source works.


Plone will never be as Wordpress. For a blog site, use Wordpress and not Plone :slight_smile:

I've seen many claims like this but without any reason. What can't it? What is missing? Things that are too hard can be made easier. What is too hard?

A blog is a blog is a blog!?

No, it's not. A simple blog can be made within two minutes in Plone. More complex blogging functionality like login with arbitrary social media accounts...hard to accomplish.


wordpress plugins and themes TTW, search & install & configure in a minute.

I have left WordPress long back. Anyways plone is more fun and the blog is improving everyday. So no complaints. It is harder if you are not a developer but it is a choice I have exercised.

I agree! Plone is more fun, you learn a lot and can do more. WP is just easy.

From visual point of view, Try for pairing right fonts. Increase line-height for readability.

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Thanks. i was earlier using Open Sans. Changed it to Arvo for headings and PT Serif. Will check fontpair when I need to change. I will adjust the line-height.