- my feed missing

Hi there,

I am missing my RSS feed


The feed URL is correct and reachable but my latest posts never made it to

Anything I am missing here?


@svx might know... I don't know who else maintains planet.

Sorry I am really busy with day work ....

I did have a look and it seems that currently python is more or less broken on this server or at least missing ssl support.

Further more this is gentoo I do not use gentoo and I do not know emerge well enough to fix that.

Moving planet to a new vm could be a solution, but like I said I am currently too busy for that.

Sorry for the bad news.

Maybe @martior can have a look ?

Another option could be to put planet in docker/rkt and let CI do the build and deploy after someone changes the feed.cfg on GitHub, setting this up is easy and fast.

Still we would need a server for container hosting.
This actually would not be a bad idea, since the docs are anyway moving into this direction.
I will do some pricing research and contact the the board.

I assume that the planet infrastructure does not need many a small VM should be available for less than 10 EUR a month.


@svx who else can get into this server to try to fix it? (in the short term)

If you need a server, I'm sure the PF or a sponsor would provide one.

@tkimnguyen check your Inbox :slight_smile:

If that gets approved I will take care of the rest !

Got it. Checking also to see if I can get that covered by someone else.

ok Sven now check YOUR inbox :smiley:

We would be able to host on one of our servers if it is available as a docker container.


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That's very kind of you, Andreas. Wildcard has agreed to help with Planet and a CI server so we are just waiting on the servers to be set up.

Seems like Sven has a choice now :slight_smile: Whoever provisions first wins!