Piwik code is not generated in HTML code

I have Plone 5 installed and working.

I have configured the main plone site with the javascript code, to be inserted into HTML code (site setup -> setup configuration -> JavaScript for web statistics support).
Its working fine for the main plone site (eg. https://events.com2)
I can inspect the js element into browser and I see data arriving into webserver running the Piwik.

For the second site (eg. https://events.com/maraton20182), the code is not generated and I see nothing when inspect the HTML page and nothing arrives in Piwik server.

Some questions:

  • I need enable some other feature in this second site to get js into HTML page ?
  • Or maybe a bug into plone ?? :slight_smile:

Thank you any help.

Is it the same code snippet? Are there any script Errors (eg. unexpected characters,...)? Do you use CDATA?

Or could you provide us the Javascript code?