Patternslib and mockup

I'd like to know the state of things regarding mockup and patternslib.

As far as I can recall and read in

  • Plone 5 should ship with mockup and patternslib
  • In the short term name-clashes should be resolved (in some way)
  • Mockup should only contain Plone-specific stuff (like the structure-pattern), the generic stuff should move to patternslib.
  • Patterns that exist in both packages will be eveluated and only the better version should be picked

Can someone please comment on progress/problems/e.t.a. for any of these tasks?

Patternslib and mockup are compatible and integrated with each other. The things plone core is using from patternslib are registry, scanner and logging AFAIK.

This is done. modal pattern was the only name clash I believe.

Nothing has been moved to patternslib yet and we haven't identified any patterns to move to patternslib from mockup yet either.

It's a long term goal and general guidance for how to understand the two libraries. There are plenty of other things to do and fix so no one has focused on this.

Thanks for the clarification but I'm still a little confused.

One example: The are two tooltip-patterns and both say they use class="pat-tooltip":

Which one is used by Plone?

If we only ship some small parts of patternslib at the moment with Plone is there an example on how to include say pat-notification from patternslib?

Plone Intranet defines its patternslib inclusions here:

Then builds a custom js bundle here:

This bundle is pushed around the net and then ends up being registered in Plone here:

Yes, we could use a simpler and less intimidating example of how to work with Patternslib in Plone 5 :frowning:

If you want to register it with plone so it can be built by plone instead of having to write custom build scripts, take a look at how some of these registrations are done:

There is also

I was just following the mockup documentation..and while bundling up 'make bundle-widgets' i am getting errors, something like this--
SyntaxError: Duplicate data property in object literal not allowed in strict mode
Warning: Task "bundle-widgets" not found. Use --force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.
make: *** [bundle-widgets] Error 3

where am i going wrong?